About Us

It ALL Started with 1 Bee Hive

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This ALL started with 1 beehive!!!

Bee Wilde Bee and Honey Farm is a beekeeping family based in Montgomery, Texas.  Kenny & Wendy Reed and their son in law, Dax Simons manage 3000 colonies of honeybees, make lots of honey, and make our bee-u-tiful, pure beeswax  candles & bulk beeswax blocks available direct from our farm to YOU!

We do it all... No outside labor, no employees, just family!  Things are done right!  Whether we're working bees, pulling honey, bottling & delivering honey or making  candles... We all do it all! 

Now it's a lifestyle ....

No more 9 to 5's... From 1 to 3000 colonies of honeybees.... the journey has been nothing short of AMAZING!!